I wish everyone knew the Lord.

I look around at God’s beautiful creation of this world and then think of the madness, the hurt, the pain, the corruption, greed and hate.

But then that’s why He gave us the Great Commission.  “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them . . .” Matthew 28:19.

It’s easy to get lost in daily needs.  At this moment, I am out of town and extremely grateful to “get away” from everything.  We all need refreshing.  It’s so comfortable wanting to stay here with the Lord.  I know He is with me no matter where I am but I feel closest to Him being surrounded by His creation.  But there is an uneasiness in my being.  There is something inside of me saying, “get busy”.

I need your help, Lord.  I’m counting on You to part the waters, make a way and meet all of my needs.  <3 you.