I spent a recent holiday with my family and at one point my dad looks at me and says, “You’re fat!  What happened to you?”  Then he starts laughing as I give him a look of disbelief.

Some day I may write more in detail about my dad but not today.  I had to remind myself he has no filter and he had obviously been drinking.  I have never been able to have a real father/daughter relationship with my earthly father.  But I do have one with my heavenly Father.  And it’s because of this relationship that I can take the fat comment and not let it crush my spirit.

The next morning I heard a song called “Beautiful” by Mercy Me and I knew it was my heavenly Father reminding me I am beautiful and treasured.

If you are feeling unworthy or unloved or less than beautiful, please pull this song up online RIGHT NOW and listen to it.

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