I recently viewed a social media video of Justin Bieber singing the Christian song, “I Could Sing of Your Love Forever”.

The audience had no idea what he was about to sing but in the end, he had them singing with him.  I’m not sure if they knew he was singing about God, but it was a fantastic few minutes of beautiful harmony between Bieber and thousands of his fans, glorifying God.

I began to thank God for the transformation in his life . . . then I thought about how BRAVE he was to publicly sing about his faith.  He is a super star, under the lime light every moment of the day.  And in today’s world, it is not cool to be a Christian.  It made me appreciate him even.  It made me pray for him.

Take a moment to pray for Justin Bieber and that his words, and the love of God, will penetrate millions of hearts through him.