I often pray to see God all day long.  I believe God is in the details of every day life, in everyone’s life, and I want to see it!

Most days I see Him in the obvious: an answered prayer, the sunrise or sunset, etc.

But yesterday, my own selfishness rose up and I missed God.

I picked up a friend for lunch and dropped her off at the front of the restaurant because she was on crutches.  When I parked, the car next to me had its windows down and I barely caught a glimpse inside to see a woman and her young daughter.  Clothes filled the entire back seat.  I wondered if they were traveling or perhaps living in their car. The thought of inviting them inside for a meal entered my mind but I quickly dismissed it; I was in a hurry to get back to my friend, who needed my help to get inside.

Looking back, I remember thinking I doubted what I was supposed to do.  Does God REALLY want me to do that?  What if it’s not what I think?  Would they think I was weird?

Even if God hadn’t requested it, even if they weren’t homeless, even if they thought I WAS weird, I could have still given them an act of kindness.  I MISSED GOD.

Despite of my selfishness, the Lord chose to bless us.  When it came time to pay, someone else had already taken care of our bill.  At that moment, I knew I truly had missed God.  But I didn’t feel rebuked by God.  I felt He was just loving us and reminding me to love others as well.

Today, I pray I don’t miss God.  I pray for the courage to step out of myself and to be just like Jesus.