Yes, YOU are treasured! No matter who you are, no matter what you have done – you are exquisite, lovely and chosen. Chosen by whom? Chosen and treasured by God.

Why?  Because He loves you. He passionately loves you as His own daughter!

How can I be so sure?  Because Jesus says in Matthew 6:26 that if God cares for the birds, how much more valuable are YOU to care for?  You are so much more valuable that Jesus says in Luke 12:7 “the very hairs on your head are all numbered.”  God loves you and knows you so well that he knows how many hairs you have on your head right now!  This is one reason I love the You are Treasured flower (see above).  In reality, this beautiful pink and purple flower is as tiny as a dime but look at the details with the dots of yellow, gold and white on the tips.  This little flower reminds me of how God is indeed involved in the details of His creation.  He created you, chose you and He treasures you.  

It is my desire that you BELIEVE in who you are as a daughter of the King.  Who wouldn’t love to be the daughter of a king?  But your Father is not just any king; He is the King of ALL Kings. That means you are not an ordinary daughter. You are EXQUISITE!  I remind you again so you can believe.  You are lovely. You are treasured. Jesus loves you and you are his most treasured possession.  How sweet is that :)


Debbie Burrow