“You don’t know love until you’ve had your own child.”

I heard that saying when I was younger and understood its concept but I never KNEW and FELT it until, indeed, I had my own child.

How do you express your unconditional endless love to your child?

I did it by saying, “I love you till my hands touch in back!” and then opening up my arms as far as they would go.  But that was simply not enough.  Endless love was all the way around.

So I drew it:

. . . . I drew my arms to both ends of the paper.

In the same way, Scripture tells us that God forgets our sins as far as east is from the west . . .

which means His forgiveness is endless, which means His love is endless no matter what we do.

Are you having a hard time believing God has forgiven you about something?

Don’t stay stuck in this place.  God doesn’t want you stuck; He wants you to live!

Accept that forgiveness; accept His endless and unconditional love right now!

Don’t ever look back because there isn’t anything new in your past.