I think most women like to be in control.  I know I do.  I like to plan out my day – my month – the next few months . . . I’ve always been that way.  I love to cross things off my list.  I am very organized and that’s one of the ways I stay organized.

But the Lord has been revealing something new to me.  Well, it’s not really new.  I have always known that God has a plan for each one of us.  I also know we are to give our day to the Lord, asking for his guidance and wisdom.  I do that but today His request is different.  The request is deeper.  Here is my devotion today:

” . . . Concentrate on the task before you and the One who never leaves your side.  Let everything else fade into the background.  This will unclutter your mind (YAY!), allowing Me to occupy more and more of your consciousness.

Trust Me to show you what to do when you have finished what you are doing now.  I will guide you step by step, as you bend your will to Mine.  Thus you stay close to Me on the path of Peace.”  (Jesus Calling – Enjoying Peace in His Presence by Sarah Young)

I WANT step by step direction from God! What an awesome thing to receive from the One who created me, the One who knows me like no one else.  God knows the desires of my heart and I know He will fulfill those desires as long as I hold on to His hand and trust Him as my Father.

Here is a visual:

My List of Things to Do