“Trust in Me and I will make all your paths straight.”

Wow, how many times do we wander off the path doing our own thing until we realize we need to do things the right way?  How many years do we waste doing it the “wrong” way?  Where would we be if we didn’t mess up?

I can see periods in my life where my purpose was developing and being used and then *BAM!*, it was off-track.

I am grateful now, I can say His name and remember God’s got it – whatever IT is.  I don’t have to actively do anything but pray and trust . . . and be thankful NO MATTER what is happening around me.

God has a plan for all of us.  Who better to trust than Him?  Who knows the best for us?  God does.  Are you off-track?  Take a step of faith and trust in Him.  He WILL keep you on the right path.