This past Mother’s Day, I was at a total loss as to what to give my mother.  I didn’t want to give her just any knick knack, so I gave her flowers and a knick knack with meaning.

My photography is very personal to me.  If I ever gift anyone an image I have taken, you can believe I have agonized over the perfect image to gift and how to perfectly frame that image.

I finally picked out a beautiful flower image.  I wanted to add scripture to the photograph, but I just couldn’t find THE PERFECT one for my mom.  After a while, this is what I created:

Mom Gift - Thanks Psalm 4x6

My mom has truly been a gift to me and my family in many countless ways.  Her heart is huge, she gives without expecting, she loves to talk about the Lord, she is a phone call away and I love the way she loves my son.  Just like Jesus, she has been an example of a person who loves unconditionally.

I love you, Momma!  Happy Mother’s Day!!