I have the privilege of seeing God at work during the program and even after.  Here are some amazing visual testimonies from the attendees through their before and after drawings, poetry or letters.

“My heart was totally broken over the loss of my children and never thought I could heal. God not only healed me, but now my heart is full of joy.”

“I felt I had a deep wound in my heart that constantly bled. God has mended my heart.”

“The consequences of choices broke my heart but now I look forward to seeing my child in heaven.” – Sarah

“I was so angry! Now I’m growing in knowing God more, making my days sunny.”

“I had brokenness in many areas of my life which made me very sad. Now I am complete!” – Teri

“I felt like there was some beauty in me but that I was mostly cursed and broken and drifting away without any control of what drifted… I felt like brokenness was my identity. The Ark of the Covenant, which was God’s dwelling place, reminds me of God giving David specific instructions on where to put the Ark.  Although David messed up, he ultimately ended getting it to where it needed to be and then he and the people celebrated and everyone turned back to God. I drew myself sitting on the Ark because I am now back to where God wants me to be – exactly where He dwells, because where He dwells there’s peace, there’s joy, there’s healing and healthy relationships and wholeness.”

“At first, I felt nothing. Then I realized the pain of a dark hole in my heart. I’m so grateful to be living a redeemed life!”

“I would cry and my heart was full of sadness. Now I am covered by God’s love!”

“I felt like I was a blob of nothing crying all the time. Now my heart is full and glows from healing!” – Jennifer