Facilitating a pregnancy loss weekend retreat is not easy.

The burden is heavy. The volunteered time is long. The women complain. Sometimes it’s difficult to teach when people are not praying for us.

This past retreat, I woke up on Sunday morning sleep deprived and really grumpy. The retreat would be over that night and I began to believe the enemy telling me I was wasting my time and what I was doing was not helping. Even though I didn’t feel like it, I defaulted back to what I KNEW and not what I felt.

I knew people were praying for us – I could feel it. I knew Jesus was working. I knew it was NOT ABOUT me.

I needed to feel some Jesus love so I spent some time alone with Him and listened to praise and worship music with my headset on. At that moment, it was just me and Jesus.

He reminded me about my own story and my purpose. He reminded me of my own healing. He reminded me of His love for all His daughters. He reminded me He was not finished orchestrating all of the pieces and He would indeed get all the glory. Without a doubt, I believed Him.

As He always does, He showed me, before my eyes, the beautiful transformations of every woman participating that weekend.

At the start of the retreat, she felt her heart was broken in half and in complete darkness. After, look at what Jesus did!
The wound in her heart was just a dark void. After, the wound now glorifies what God has done!

These are just a couple of examples of what the Lord did that weekend. Pure glory!

Do YOU need healing from a pregnancy loss? Have you had a miscarriage or an abortion that hurts your heart? If so, please reach out. Don’t stay wounded. Jesus WILL heal you. All you have to do is be willing.