I am convinced we are all but little kids in adult bodies.

As a woman, I still like girl things: the color pink, stuffed animals, pretty paper, cute outfits, flowers, pretty nails, etc.

If I was younger, I would wear an adorable tutu like the little girls are wearing nowadays.

TuTu Girl

I definitely wear a Wonder Woman costume on the days I felt like saving the world.


I might dance in the aisle of a grocery store . . .

TuTu Dancing copy

. . . or throw a complete and total body fit when I wanted something I couldn’t have.

TuTu Fit

Men, who are big boys, still love their toys.

Boy Toys

So, if we are still little kids in the inside, why isn’t it easy for us to see God as our Father?  There is no better father.

As little kids in the inside, I think we still yearn for those hugs and kisses and affirmations we received when we were younger.  If you never received them, then I know for sure you wished you had.

As we grew older, we learned about hurt and the pain of the real world.  Maybe your real father hurt you or wasn’t there for you.

Perhaps you see God as you see your earthly father.  I certainly did for many years.

God IS the perfect Father in every way.  He loves us like no other, wants to spend time with us and wants to give us His blessings.  But, unlike our earthly father, He never forces us or guilts us into doing anything.

God is waiting for YOU to turn to Him as Father.  Take time to know Him through His Word because He is the most awesome Father you could ever ask for!  Talk to Him about ANYTHING.  I promise, He is listening to every word you have to say.  Ask Him to guide you and help you.  I promise He will.  Believe Him when He says you are His most beloved treasure.  He really does loves you as His daughter.

Because God is my Father, too, then I am free to be His daughter as a woman, tutu girl and Wonder Woman.  How cool is that?!

WWTutu w God copy