Psalms 147:4-5 “He counts the stars and calls them all by name.”

See! God IS in the details! Thank you God for showing this to me today! I’ve heard this verse before but I didn’t realize it was exactly as is – there is no guessing as to what this verse means.

I can look at the sky and never see a star with all the city lights but if I’m out of the city – waaaayyy out – I can see a spectacular “galaxy” of them!

The last time I sat in awe of the stars I was outside of Roswell, New Mexico. I was  looking for military aircraft flying above and sure enough, I saw them zipping across the sky. They were fascinating to see but the countless stars that I saw amazed me the most. It’s true you cannot count them all; but God knows the exact number and knows all of their names! Who does that?! Only One. THE One.

This same God knows everything about YOU and still loves you! Give Him more of your heart today.