I have a favorite print of Jesus holding a girl.  She is clinging to His arm and He, in turn, is holding her with one arm and caressing her head with the other. At the bottom of the print, the words “I Will Not Fail Thee” are inscribed.

That girl is me.  I anticipate with joy the moment that very picture happens to me!

What would it be like to be held by the arms of the Great I Am?  Those arms and hands created the vast universe and the microscopic atom.  I know the Word says He spoke things into existence but I think He also used His arms and hands to show how big or small or where to start and end.  Those very arms and hands healed the sick, hung on the cross . . . bore the nails . . .

I love imaging what it would be like to be held by Love, Grace and Peace.  Overwhelming, perfect wowness.