Are you hurting from anything in your past?  Are you hurting from words someone said to you, a relationship that didn’t work out or perhaps you did something you know you shouldn’t have done?

The way to healing is to draw closer to God.  It takes action.  Begin by ASKING God for your healing.  Then look to see where else you can get healing.  Is it a counselor, a therapist, your church or a Godly person God has put in your life?

I know it is the woman sitting in a church service who is likely to seek out post-abortion healing than someone who is not in church.  It’s as if they are in a place to accept healing.  In that place, they can ask for healing.  That is why there should be HEALING OPPORTUNITIES IN CHURCH INSTEAD OF CONDEMNATION.

If you are hurting, look up to God.  Begin to draw closer to Him.  When you take that first step to Him, He will take a step closer to you.  Get a bible and read it.  Find a church that will love you through your healing.

God wants to heal you.  Now ask Him to heal you.